Photo of the Crown Hotel.

Crown Hotel 528 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Summary of the Property

The Crown Hotel was acquired by THC in October 2016 and is the product of a partnership with the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. The Crown Hotel is home to veterans who have previously faced chronic homelessness. It offers 49 new units of supportive housing, 30 of which house veterans.

Property Details

Since its acquisition, the Crown Hotel has undergone many major renovations. Additions to the hotel include upgraded common bathrooms, new tile in the hallways, 24 hour desk clerk staff and an onsite Supportive Housing Manager and Case Manager. Tenants gather in the Case Manager’s office for weekly coffee hour to build and maintain a sense of community. THC continues to maintain and upgrade the Crown Hotel to ensure residents have an affordable place to live that supports their overall well-being.

Community Details

The Crown Hotel is located in the heart of the vibrant Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. As the neighborhood struggles against “urban renewal”, gentrification, and the displacement of native residents, the Crown Hotel remains an unwavering and integral part of the community. THC staff and tenants hope to do their part to strengthen the community by participating in community events and celebrations as well as by supporting local, family-owned businesses.