Photo of the Boyd Hotel.

Boyd Hotel 41 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Summary of the Property

The Boyd Hotel was constructed in 1907 and was originally owned by Mary D. Tobin, wife of Hibernia Bank President Joseph S. Tobin. It was acquired by THC through the SRO/Master Lease Program in February of 2006. The 79 units of permanent housing available at the Boyd Hotel serve as a critical resource to the homeless population.

Property Details

The Boyd Hotel boasts some of the largest SRO rooms in San Francisco. Renovations to the building added 284 square feet to the hotel's lobby, a spacious lounge and TV room and brand new bathrooms. THC continues to maintain and upgrade this hotel to ensure residents have an affordable and safe place to live.

Two on-site Case Managers provide supportive services to tenants of the Boyd Hotel. They use harm reduction techniques to provide support that is fair and consistent, helping tenants build upon their strengths and promote self-sufficiency. The Boyd Hotel Case Managers host a weekly coffee and donut hour, movie day, bingo, and art day, as well as other celebrations for the tenants to enjoy. Boyd Hotel residents are also welcome to the weekly Aranda Food Pantry facilitated in part by THC Case Managers.

Community Details

The Boyd Hotel is sandwiched between the old Hibernia Bank and the St. Anthony Foundation. Until the ’90s, the Boyd’s storefront was home to the immensely popular Herrington’s, one of several Irish bars that were once a part of the Tenderloin streetscape.