Photo of the Royan Hotel.

Royan Hotel 405 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Summary of the Property

The Royan Hotel was constructed in 1927. It served as a hotel for years before it was acquired by THC through the SRO/Master Lease Program in May of 2003. Since then, the Royan has served as a critical resource for the homeless population, providing 68 units of permanent housing to individuals in need. Many of those units offer beautiful views of the Mission neighborhood and 34 of the units feature a private bathroom.

Property Details

The Royan is well-known for its architecture and art. This Moorish style building was a part of the Chicano Art Mural Movement of the 1970’s. The 15th Street side of the Royan Hotel is home to an iconic tiger mural. The back of the building displays a beautifully detailed mural depicting life in the Mission. The hotel also maintains its original wooden elevator, which has recently been restored, and most floors in the building are handicap accessible.

Located in the back of the building is a community room where THC Support Services staff host monthly activities the tenants can enjoy. Royan Case Mangers host a story-telling group, bingo night, and coffee hour. They also manage an on-site food pantry where tenants can volunteer to lend a helping hand. This allows them to become involved and fulfill one of THC’s core values by helping their fellow tenants feel at home.