Photo of the Pierre Hotel.

Pierre Hotel 540 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Summary of the Property

The Pierre Hotel was built in 1927. It was formerly called The Davenport Hotel and later The Commonwealth Hotel before it finally became the Pierre Hotel in 1982. Like many other hotels in the area, The Pierre Hotel was originally a temporary stop for transient salespersons and military personnel. It was acquired by THC through a SRO Master Lease Program in 2004.

Property Details

Presently, the Pierre Hotel provides 85 units of permanent housing to formerly homeless, single adults. Each unit features a private bathroom. Eighty percent of the unit’s windows have been replaced with double pane glass to create a quiet environment and an energy efficient building. The community kitchen and laundry facility have also recently been remodeled. THC continues to maintain and upgrade this hotel so that it remains functional, safe and affordable for its tenants.

THC’s Support Services staff strengthen the community at the Pierre by hosting weekly events where tenants have the opportunity to meet the staff and socialize with other tenants. Pierre Case Managers host coffee hours, bingo nights and movie nights. They also have a weekly food pantry where tenants can obtain the food items they need. THC staff work cohesively to ensure tenants always feel at home.