Photo of the Mission Hotel.

Mission Hotel 520 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110

Summary of the Property

The Mission Hotel was constructed in 1907 and acquired by THC through the SRO/Master Lease Program in October of 1999. The project was undertaken at the request of the Mayor's Office, to house individuals displaced by the closing of Mission Rock Shelter. With 240 rooms for formerly homeless adults, the Mission Hotel is currently San Francisco's largest SRO hotel.

Property Details

Since its acquisition, the Mission Hotel has undergone many major renovations. Additions to the hotel include new common bathrooms, a female-identified bathroom and more units accessible to disabled residents. Tenants often gather in the spacious community room for events and meetings or to watch TV. They also have full access to the community kitchen and on-site laundry facility. THC continues to maintain and upgrade the Mission Hotel to ensure residents have an affordable and safe place to live.

Community Details

The Mission Hotel is located in the heart of the vibrant Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. As the neighborhood struggles against “urban renewal”, gentrification, and the displacement of native residents, the Mission Hotel remains an unwavering and integral part of the community. THC staff and tenants continue to do their part to strengthen the community by participating in community events and celebrations as well as by supporting the local family owned businesses.