Photo of the Mayfair Hotel.

Mayfair Hotel 626 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Summary of the Property

The Mayfair Hotel was constructed in 1928 and acquired by THC in 2010. It provides 53 units of permanent housing to formerly homeless adults, each equipped with a private bathroom and shower. In partnership with Compass Family Services, THC also leases 22 units at the Mayfair as temporary housing for families with children. Tenants must demonstrate the ability to live alongside families.

Property Details

The Mayfair Hotel is one of THC’s four “Step Up” residences. To be eligible to live at the Mayfair Hotel, residents must have previously lived in a Housing First funded unit. “Step Up” buildings are designed for tenants who have demonstrated an ability to live successfully with limited staff and support services. However, there are Property Management and Support Services staff available on-site to facilitate a safe and positive environment. Property Management staff perform monthly inspections and coordinate with Maintenance and Janitorial staff to ensure the building is safe and functional. Case Managers host bingo, movie nights, and coffee hours in the community room. They also take advantage of all that the neighborhood has to offer by taking tenants on field trips to nearby museums and parks. THC’s Support Services staff ensure tenants have access to additional outside resources. Tenants are offered assistance with financial literacy, social service benefit enrollment, resume writing, vocation training, and locating vision, medical and dental services.