Photo of the All Star Hotel.

All Star Hotel 2791 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Summary of the Property

The All Star Hotel was constructed in 1907. It was always well- known in the Mission neighborhood for its bold pink and green exterior. When THC obtained the building in 2004, a professional artist was hired to paint the building with decorative artwork. Now the All Star Hotel stands out among the Mission neighborhood’s many murals.

Property Details

The All Star Hotel offers 84 units of permanent housing for formerly homeless single adults. It features two community kitchens and a TV room. THC staff members are available to provide services and support for the tenants. Janitors and maintenance staff ensure that the building remains clean and functional. A desk clerk is always available to welcome everyone warmly as they enter the All Star Hotel and to maintain safety. The All Star Hotel’s Support Services Team hosts a variety of events and activities. The Case Managers host cooking groups, bingo games, birthday celebrations, holiday parties and community outings. Tenants can also reach out to the case managers for assistance with job placement, food resources, medical resources and alternative housing needs.