Money Management

Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) has been providing money management services to low-income tenants of the Tenderloin, South of Market, and Mission neighborhoods since 1988. In so doing, THC has played an instrumental role in helping thousands of formerly homeless single adults retain low-cost housing. THC offers to money management clients third-party rental payment services, advocacy, assistance, referrals, and, if appropriate, rental subsidy determination and application. The overarching goals of THC’s money management programs are to help clients maintain their housing, and to improve clients’ general wellbeing and quality of life. These services provide a critical element of care, and considerably aid in the stabilization of our clients’ lives.

Modified Payment Program

THC’s Modified Payment Program (MPP) helps clients living in Housing First buildings (including THC housing), and low-income individuals in the San Francisco community to prioritize timely rental payments so as to maintain their housing. The MPP achieves this by allowing for a client’s monthly governmental benefit to be deposited directly with THC. THC uses the client’s governmental benefit to pay the client’s rent on time. The client receives a check immediately from THC for the entire remainder of his/her governmental benefit.

Individuals interested in enrolling in THC’s MPP should speak with a Housing Counselor at THC’s Housing Services Office:

472 Turk Street
9:30am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-4:00pm


Representative Payee Program

THC works to meet the needs of individuals that require additional assistance with managing their monthly expenses, and helps to prevent or end financial exploitation of the participants. THC’s Representative Payee Program ensures participants meet their monthly basic needs for shelter, food, clothing, and daily living expenses. This includes assisting clients with:

Additionally, the Representative Payees advocate on behalf of clients applying for, or receiving benefits from, the Social Security Administration. This includes requests for re-determination of benefits, managing overpayments, and other matters involving participants' fiscal needs.

Individuals interested in enrolling in THC’s Representative Payee Program should speak with a Representative Payee at THC’s Representative Payee Office:

447 Turk Street
9:30am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-4:00pm



Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO)

Tenderloin Housing Clinic adheres to all policies and protections provided by the Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO) to all housing applicants. More information on the FCO can be found here: