Legal Programs

Photo of the front door to the Tenderloin Housing Clinic Law Offices.

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic law office represents low-income tenants in San Francisco in all aspects of landlord-tenant and housing law. We primarily represent seniors, the disabled, and minority and immigrant families, often as defendants in unlawful detainer actions and in affirmative lawsuits for wrongful eviction, and to address substandard housing conditions.

THC's attorneys are some of the most experienced and well-respected attorneys in San Francisco, with decades of experience representing low-income tenants. Tenants seeking assistance should contact 415-771-9850 for an intake phone interview to determine whether a THC attorney will represent the tenant. Due to limited resources, THC cannot represent everyone who seeks assistance, and we focus on representing long-term rent controlled tenants. The law office also provides limited free legal counseling to tenants.

General Information Regarding Evictions and COVID-19 Pandemic

For San Francisco tenants seeking general advice regarding evictions during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and San Francisco's Shelter-in-Place orders ("SPO"), please refer to the following document provided by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic Law Office:

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Please note: Given the COVID-19 pandemic and San Francisco's Shelter-in-Place orders ("SPO"), THC will not meet with tenants needing representation in a person-to person interaction. All intake and advice will be conducted by telephone until further notice. If you want to schedule a telephone consultation/intake, call 415-771-9850 ext. 9. If there is no answer, leave your name and telephone number and someone will call you back. Due to a reduction of persons staffing of the office during the SPO, we will not be conducting general tenant counseling. Please call any of the San Francisco tenant counselling organizations if you want general counselling. Two such counselling agencies are Housing Rights Committee of SF 415-703-8644/415-947-9085 and the San Francisco Tenants Union (