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When social service organizations focus on housing first, people are able to find stability, strength, and support to achieve their goals and thrive. Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a Housing First organization working to get and keep people housed and strengthen communities throughout San Francisco. Serving over 3,000 clients a year, our programs offer both permanent and transitional housing, money management, legal assistance and services, and community organizing and advocacy.

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Permanent Housing

THC is one of the largest providers of low-income housing in San Francisco. With multiple properties throughout San Francisco, THC is able to provide housing to over 2,000 individuals with supportive services and on-site case management.

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Transitional Housing

THC offers referral-based housing for individuals who are getting back on their feet after incarceration, and need temporary housing while they look for a permanent residence.

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Money Management

THC has money management services that helps ensure rent can be paid every month on time. Individuals who need more help managing expenses can receive additional support in paying bills, keeping their benefits, and managing their savings.

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Legal Assistance

One of THC's longest serving programs, THC has successfully fought against numerous illegal evictions, Ellis Act evictions, and habitability cases. Individuals seeking eviction defense or habitability complaints can find legal representation through our legal services.

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Community Organizing

Community Organizers work to improve safety, support neighborhood improvement efforts, and ensure housing code enforcement. With community support groups, tenant advocacy leaders, and neighborhood events, the Community Organizing team makes significant improvements in the lives of people living in the Tenderloin.

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