Rental Accounts Specialist

About the Position:

The Rental Accounts Specialist assists with the administration of client and tenant financial transactions in accordance with Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s (THC) Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy.  The Rental Accounts Specialist plays a key role in ensuring the accuracy and timely updating of the rental database.  

Job Duties

  • Safeguard tenant/client and agency monies and be accountable for check security policies.
  • Ensure the accuracy of and enter initial and ongoing intakes and payment plans, rental payments, and program withdrawals in accordance with THC’s goals to decrease homelessness and increase housing retention. 
  • Participate in the receipt and administration of tenant/client benefits, and ensure financial accuracy.
  • Conduct rental accounts tasks associated with Check Day, Quick Check, and the Rental Payment Period in such a way that it is efficient and supportive to tenants/clients.
  • Ensure financial accuracy when recording tenant/client debits and credits for bank and agency purposes, and when preparing bank deposits.
  • Assist in the timely administering of rent payments to landlords and disbursements to tenants/clients in an effort to maintain tenants’/clients’ housing.
  • Update all tenant/client accounts and notify staff of problems and changes in an effort to maintain excellent communication and service provision.
  • Review and prepare checks for Representative Payee clients in such a way that it is efficient and supportive to tenants/clients.  
  • Periodically review all tenant/client account balances to reconcile outstanding balances to ensure excellent service provision to tenants/clients.
  • Work on various tenant/clients account reports as requested.
  • Maintain relationships with landlords and respond to landlord requests.
  • Assist outside accounting firm with monthly and yearly statements and yearly audit.
  • Work with other THC staff to ensure effective tenant/client services.
  • Respond to all phone messages, tenant/client requests, staff requests, and emails as appropriate and in a timely manner. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of tenant/client records and concerns.
  • Attend and participate in meetings, as requested.


Essential Qualifications

  • High School degree or equivalent required; BA/BS degree strongly preferred.
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year of experience in a related field. 
  • Must have an ability to review submitted paperwork for accuracy.
  • Must have experience working within databases, and have excellent data entry skills.
  • Must have a basic understanding of the eviction process. 
  • Must be able to perform basic math calculations with minimal mistakes.
  • Must be able to understand rent pro-ration.
  • Must have a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must have an ability to read, understand, and apply language from manuals, policies, technical procedures, and instructions.
  • Must have demonstrated customer service skills.
  • Must read, communicate orally, and write in English.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment with excellent attention to detail.
  • Must pass all post-contingency offer background checks, reference checks, and TB screening clearances.
  • Some accounting experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience working with diverse, low-income, homeless and/or formerly homeless population strongly preferred.
  • Experience working in non-profit or public sector preferred.

Required Behavioral Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates professional behavior that is consistent with THC’s Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy.
  • Adapts well to change, and remains professional, respectful, and composed at all times.
  • Must be honest, dependable, and accountable.
  • Establishes and maintains effective and appropriate relationships and boundaries, and communicates with clients, co-workers, supervisors, and external parties in a manner that fosters respect and trust.
  • Exercises good judgment in using and/or keeping information regarding clients and co-workers, and adheres to THC’s confidentiality policy.
  • Works well independently, collaboratively, and as a team member.
  • Follows instructions completely and asks for help and/or guidance from supervisors when needed.
  • Has good time management skills and is punctual to work, THC meetings, and events.
  • Refrains from actions that may result in conflict or may be determined as aggressive, threatening, or violent.
  • Takes pride in work and performs all assigned duties diligently, efficiently, and effectively.

How to apply

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