Activism? He Wrote the Book On It

Randy Shaw director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic critiques and applauds activism in San Francisco and speaks of his new book “The Activists Handbook”.


Study Finds Dramatic Rise In San Francisco Homelessness

A federal AmeriCorps study produced for the Tenderloin Housing Clinic shows San Francisco’s low-income residents face an unprecedented housing shortage and are being forced into homelessness.


Homeless Group Berates Brown

Housing activists and Mayor Willie Brown go head to head over efforts to prevent homelessness.


Lack of S.F. Housing Decried

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic has to turn away hundreds of low-income people looking for housing due to lack of affordable housing. Randy Shaw calls on the city to expand low-income housing.


90 Hotel Rooms For Homeless On The Way

Hotel Jefferson, a 90 room SRO managed by Tenderloin Housing Clinic is set to open. This after the closure of the Mission Rock Homeless Shelter, the new SRO will house at least 60 of the people who were displaced.


Lawsuits Expose Unsafe Conditions

San Francisco cracks down on health and safety code violations and some of The City’s most troubled residential hotels.