Housing clinic gives new lease on life

Hastings Law News covers the opening of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, founded by Hastings Law students. The legal services highlighted in this 1980 article are still offered by THC today!


Proposal for First Full-Time Attorney

THC’s early success in advocating for tenant rights led founder Randy Shaw to seek funding for a full-time attorney, to increase THC’s power to defend tenants. This proposal excerpt, submitted in 1981, began THC’s first expansion of organization staffing. 


Did Kaussen Stash His Cash?

Kaussen’s death sends his estate scrambling to untangle his finances, leaving many in SF and abroad uncertain about the future of his debt and active lawsuits.

Trigger Warning: suicide


Tenderloin Takes on Street Crime

Hundreds of residents join Tenderloin workers, and public officials for a parade to show they’re united for safer streets in the Tenderloin.




TL Focuses on Crime Prevention

Advocates for the Tenderloin look further than Law Enforcement but instead Crime Prevention. Suggestions for improving the area include allowing new businesses in at a street level, and adding a school and rehab to the neighborhood.




Property Owners in Tenderloin Sued

Tenants and Advocates take property owners to small claims court for allowing illegal activity at their businesses. This in an effort to make owners responsible for what happens around their businesses.




Hastings Will Listen to Burton on Garage

Senate President John Burton back Housing Advocates in rejecting an 885 space parking garage with no mixed housing on site.  The meaningful opposition gets Hastings to agree to negotiate a compromise.