Laws to Turn The Heat Up Given an OK

A Board of Supervisors committee approved proposals requiring more heat in San Francisco residential hotels and set stiffer penalties for violators.


Landlord Sued Over Rent Deposits

A tenants’ rights group sues German landlord Guenter Kaussen for allegedly failing to return security deposits to dozens of former tenants of his San Francisco apartment buildings.


German Landlord Sued in S.F.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic filed suit to force landlord Guenter Kaussen to fix a broken elevator that has caused hazard and tragedy at the El Cerrito Apartments.


Putting the Heat On Slumlords

Tenants in San Francisco are forced to live in poor living conditions. The Tenderloin Housing Clinic helps defend these tenants rights.


Memo To Sequoia Hotel Residents

Tenderloin Housing Clinic offers legal representation to former tenants of the Sequoia hotel who are interested in moving back in once renovation is complete.


Tenant Actions Spur Improved Conditions

The MPP program puts tenants into permanent housing at residential hotels. These Residential hotels have seen improvement after a tenant’s association opens the conversation about the state of hotels to tenants. The improvements and needs of hotels are outlined.