Tenderloin Slum Lords Command Obedience from Paying Lodgers

Tenants in San Francisco residential hotels are allowed no visitors and experience lock outs. Randy Shaw pushes for legislation to be made instead of a slower litigation route, to get tenants’ rights to visitors.


THC’s First Pamphlet

THC’s first pamphlet highlighting our early accomplishments and the services provided.


Renters Storm BBI & City Hall, Demand Action

Renters protest at BBI and City Hall for action to be done about the code violations they are forced to live with in San Francisco low income hotels and SROs.


90 Hotel Rooms For Homeless On The Way

Hotel Jefferson, a 90 room SRO managed by Tenderloin Housing Clinic is set to open. This after the closure of the Mission Rock Homeless Shelter, the new SRO will house at least 60 of the people who were displaced.


Mayors Push for Postage

Mayor Gavin Newson advocates for SRO residents to have their mail sorted. Until now SROs have received a single bulk drop of mail leaving busy workers to sort or not sort at all. Receiving mail plays a large role in finding jobs and resources.




Lawsuits Expose Unsafe Conditions

San Francisco cracks down on health and safety code violations and some of The City’s most troubled residential hotels.