The Hotels Without Heat

Warren Hinckle, with the help of THC, exposes the heat crisis in San Francisco’s Residential Hotels.


Freezing S.F. Renters Get Cold Shoulder

The Coalition for Code Enforcement says thousands are shivering in apartments and residential hotels because The City’s building inspection department is failing to enforce its own laws.



Tenderloin Slum Lords Command Obedience from Paying Lodgers

Tenants in San Francisco residential hotels are allowed no visitors and experience lock outs. Randy Shaw pushes for legislation to be made instead of a slower litigation route, to get tenants’ rights to visitors.


Many Hotel Landlords Skirt SRO Ordinance, Legally

Laws in place to preserve residential hotels fail to stop their conversion into tourist hotels. The Tenderloins cost per week at residential hotels skyrockets due to their scarcity.



Hotel List

List of hotels for $72.50 a week or less.


Tenant Actions Spur Improved Conditions

The MPP program puts tenants into permanent housing at residential hotels. These Residential hotels have seen improvement after a tenant’s association opens the conversation about the state of hotels to tenants. The improvements and needs of hotels are outlined.




Turk St. Tenants Win Big Lawsuit against Landlord

A poorly cared for residential hotel doesn’t listen to the residents demands for issues to be addressed.

The tenants then brought up a lawsuit against the Landlord and won a $185,000 settlement.