About the Archive

Since opening in February 1980, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) has led major campaigns and policy developments around tenants’ rights, homelessness, and affordable housing. THC has also been centrally involved in efforts to revitalize the the Tenderloin, 6th Street, and Mid-Market neighborhoods. It’s not easy finding information about what tenants were fighting for in the pre-Internet era, so critical history is lost. We created this archive to preserve this history and make it accessible to those interested in reading about it.

Many of the archived documents come from pre-Internet newspaper articles. While THC is mentioned in many of these articles, the archive is designed as a history of campaigns around the above issues. It is not a history of THC. Articles readily available online have not been included. Readers may visit the archive at BeyondChron.org for coverage of tenant, housing and neighborhood issues beginning in April 2004. 

We hope you enjoy this historical archive of issues central to THC’s mission and we welcome your feedback! 

July 13, 1985: Tenderloin Housing Clinic Executive Director, Randy Shaw, leads a “March for Safer Streets” in the Tenderloin Neighborhood.