Business As Usual 

THC letter condemning the inaction of the D.A. to prosecute misdemeanor offences.




‘Safe Street’ March Set for Tenderloin

The rising crime rate in the Tenderloin prompts a “Safe Street” march. The march looks to show that the area “…is not a sanctuary for criminals.”




Tenderloin Takes on Street Crime

Hundreds of residents join Tenderloin workers, and public officials for a parade to show they’re united for safer streets in the Tenderloin.




Letter to Maryland Market

THC letter to owners of Maryland Market place condemning their allowance of drug dealing on and outside their business. THC requests a cease of activity and threatens legal action.


THC Letter to Owner of Hurley Hotel

THC Letter to the owners of the Hurley Hotel informing them of the condition of there hotel and its workers claiming the hotel has become a “Crack House”


Sheriff’s Proposal to Ease Jail Overcrowding Blasted

Sheriff Michael Hennessey attempts to ease jail overcrowding by opening pre-rial detention homes in residential units throughout the city. Residents, Housing Advocated, and Property Owners denounce the use of housing for inmate holding.


Residents Protest Tenderloin Prison Facility

Tenderloin residents and activists fight against a prison facility in the Tenderloin. They claim that the prison violates zoning of residential housing in the area, and that the facility is incompatible with the Tenderloin.


TL Focuses on Crime Prevention

Advocates for the Tenderloin look further than Law Enforcement but instead Crime Prevention. Suggestions for improving the area include allowing new businesses in at a street level, and adding a school and rehab to the neighborhood.