Lockout Case Study

THC defends tenants that experience a “lockout” from there rooms at a residential hotel.



Tenants Protest Lock-Outs

Tenants protest lockouts as the frequency of them skyrockets. Tenants and Advocates look to the police to enforce Penal code Section 418, the law forbidding landlords from locking out a tenant.


Hotel Visitors – Revised Legislation

Revised legislation to eliminate absolute restrictions on visitors of residential hotels.
The legislation requires a compromise from both tenants and hotel owners.


Poor Hurt by Hotel Tax

Supervisor Walker looks to have residential hotel residents not be taxed if their rent is less than $20.00 a day. This a change from the (then) current exemption at $5.00 which is basically unseen in the city.




Putting the Heat On Slumlords

Tenants in San Francisco are forced to live in poor living conditions. The Tenderloin Housing Clinic helps defend these tenants rights.


Residential Hotels Ordinance Amendments

Randy Shaw clarifies San Francisco’s Residential Hotel Ordinance amendments to The Examiner, saying it will ensure that residential hotel units are not rented to tourists in violation of city law. This after The Examiner claimed that the amendments would encourage harassing litigation by tenant groups.