Debates Over Bond Measure Costs

With the impending passage of a $90 million bond measure to support the de Young Museum in 1998, tenant advocates, including THC, voiced their opposition to passing the cost of bonds on to tenants.


Letter To The Independent

Letter to The Independent about the “Playing Hardball” articles claims about tenants requests to Mayor Brown. THC condemns Mayor Brown for never passing an OMI measure that was promised.




Tenants May Lose Out With Supes’ Decision on Bond Costs

Legislation is approved allowing property owners to pass on the cost of bond measures. The M.H. de Young Memorial Museums sought 90 Million all of which would be passed onto tenants and homeowners. Tenants and advocates fight against the measures that would pass on costs further rising housing costs.




Tenant Groups Vow to Fight Library Tax

A tax levy to improve library services is fought by THC and other tenants’ advocates. If they pass the levy it would mean passing the cost onto renters.


S.F. Landlord-Tenant Accord Scuttled by Renters Groups

Landlords look to be able to pass costs of improvements onto renters. Renters and tenants rights associations say that could lead to much higher rents on controlled units, hurting the low and middle income renters.




Code Compliance

Landlords can’t collect rent on units that aren’t up to code (and haven’t been addressed).  THC looks to make this law more accessible for tenants. THC explains how notice of violation need to be specific to units, and need to be made in a more timely manner.