Mayors Push for Postage

Mayor Gavin Newson advocates for SRO residents to have their mail sorted. Until now SROs have received a single bulk drop of mail leaving busy workers to sort or not sort at all. Receiving mail plays a large role in finding jobs and resources.




After Proposition L: Rezone the Mission for Housing!

Randy Shaw of THC urges rezoning in The Mission, saying that the alternative is leaving the land to sit. He proposes a compromise of market rate housing that includes affordable units and businesses only at street level.




Lawsuits Expose Unsafe Conditions

San Francisco cracks down on health and safety code violations and some of The City’s most troubled residential hotels.




Code Enforcement Advocacy Opens New Doors For SRO Residents

New hope for SROs as Code Enforcement starts. The program responsible is called the Code Enforcement Outreach Program, its purpose is to facilitate communication and cooperation between tenants and rental property owners to improve living conditions for all renters.


Bureaucracy Burns SRO Tenants 

Months after a law went into effect requiring residential hotels to install sprinkler systems, less than a quarter have been brought up to code and a vast majority of the projects remain bogged down by city bureaucracy.


Second-Class Mail

SRO tenants aren’t given the same rights as other city residents when it come to their mail. Mail is not organized or delivered to individual mail boxes but instead left as a bundle at the hotel. Nancy Pelosi and USPS officials vow to finally do something about this injustice.




Plumbers Lose Their Wrenches

The City looks to take legal action against the plumbers and steamfitters union, after the powerful organization repeatedly refused to install sprinklers in a residential hotel it owns.



They’re Going Postal

Residential hotel residents join together with hotel managers to advocate for private and secure mail delivery. 


Tenants Decry Possible Demolition of Hotel

Civic Center Hotel tenants demand its brought to code. The United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Journeymen Local 38 say they are to demolish the building.