Residential Hotels Ordinance Amendments

Randy Shaw clarifies San Francisco’s Residential Hotel Ordinance amendments to The Examiner, saying it will ensure that residential hotel units are not rented to tourists in violation of city law. This after The Examiner claimed that the amendments would encourage harassing litigation by tenant groups.


Homeless Renovate Old 6th Street Hotel

The Sunnyside Hotel and Jefferson Hotel renovation, organized by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, were the first of their kind, using the labor of formerly homeless recipients to renovate the building.


Turk St. Tenants Win Big Lawsuit against Landlord

A poorly cared for residential hotel doesn’t listen to the residents demands for issues to be addressed.

The tenants then brought up a lawsuit against the Landlord and won a $185,000 settlement.




President Hotel Owes Damages

Tenderloin Hotel Owner owes tenants for damages. Tenants forced to live with leaking ceilings, unclean environments and assault have a win in the court of appeals.