Owners Fighting For Right to Convert Hotel

Hotelier Adam Sparks contends the hotel conversion law violates his constitutional rights and fights to rent more rooms at the Pacific Bay Inn, previously a residential hotel, to tourists.


Residential Hotel Conversions

Randy Shaw advocates for tenants in an attack on speculative landlord Adam Sparks following Sparks’ claim that the Residential Hotel Conversion Ordinance violates his rights as a landlord.


Court Invalidates Part Of Resident-Hotel Law

In a blow to the city’s affordable housing stock, an appellate court rules in favor of residential hotels owners by removing the requirement for owners to pay the city when residential units are taken offline.


Hotelier Ordered Jailed Wednesday

Hotelier Adam Sparks is sentenced to jail for violating the city’s Residential Hotel Unit Demolition and Conversion Ordinance.


Housing lost to tourism

The owner of the All Seasons Hotel is accused of skirting hotel replacement law by not paying the fee required for converting 74 of the building’s units to tourist use.