Plan to Cut Welfare Housing Costs Gets Trial Run

Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s Modified Payment Program as a win-win for everyone: welfare recipients paid cheaper rent for permanent housing, hotel operators were guaranteed higher occupancy rates and steady income, and San Francisco could reduce the cost of the emergency housing program.


Program Makes Room for Homeless

From September to November 1988 the Modified Payment Program housed 90 welfare recipients, with THC paying their pre-negotiated rent directly to hotel operators.


SF Department of Social Services Advocates for MPP Expansion

San Francisco’s Department of Social Services writes to the national Department of Health and Human Services to request that THC’s MPP program be expanded to SSI recipients, who at the time are excluded from the program unless they secure a representative or co-payee. 


Hotline Supervisor’s Letter to Clients

The supervisor of the Hotline Hotel program notifies clients of the program’s final days and encourages tenants to visit THC to sign up for General Assistance (G.A.) and the Modified Payment Program.


MPP Approval Form

New MPP clients used this form to confirm their acceptance into one of the first nine hotels to join the Program.


Modified Payment Plan Filling Hotels

After only 6 months since the start of the Modified Payment Program, more than 900 clients were receiving permanent housing in 37 hotels participating in the Program.