Memo To Sequoia Hotel Residents

Tenderloin Housing Clinic offers legal representation to former tenants of the Sequoia hotel who are interested in moving back in once renovation is complete.


First District Rules for Tenant on City’s Rent Ordinance

THC defends a tenant displaced by the 1989 earthquake and wins the case in a First District Court of Appeal, arguing that the landlord failed to offer the apartment back to the tenant following necessary repairs. 


Evicting Judges From The Rental Business

A governor’s race tackles the issue of the governor’s power to make judicial appointments that will shape housing policy and land use laws.


Evictions for Profit

Tenderloin Housing Clinic brings attention to the increasing number of owner-move in evictions despite the lack of media coverage and inadequate legislative action.


Willie Brown Strikes Out With Tenants

Mayor Brown vowed to break the legislative obstacles to stronger rent control, but after the election its clear this was not his intention.


New Stance on Evictions

Mayor Brown and Supervisors promised to back eviction legislation, but those promises seemed to be lies as all three claim to have had “problems” with the provisions after not backing the legislation.