Advocate Seeks Reform on Code Enforcement

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic continues the fight for code enforcement, by bringing to light shortcomings of the Bureau of Building Inspection and advocating for reform.


Letter to the Editor Re: Prop. G

In 1994, Randy Shaw writes to the San Francisco Examiner Editor to clarify THC’s support of Prop G not being the result of personal bias against building inspectors but of outrage at the BBI’s failure to uphold livable housing conditions for low-income residents.


The Case for Prop. G

Randy Shaw advocates for Proposition G in a 1994 letter to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.


Assault on the Bureau of Building Inspection Empire

In this 1994 publication, Warren Hinkle exposes the continued failure of the Bureau of Building Inspection (BBI) to protect low-income residents, the BBI’s unfair harassment of homeowners, and the impending disbanding of the BBI with the passage of Prop G.


Battle Brews Over Code Enforcement

A battle over building code violations breaks out between a local resident and the influential leader of the Residential Builders Association, with the resident claiming San Francisco selectively enforces building code.