The Hotels Without Heat

Warren Hinckle, with the help of THC, exposes the heat crisis in San Francisco’s Residential Hotels.


Laws to Turn The Heat Up Given an OK

A Board of Supervisors committee approved proposals requiring more heat in San Francisco residential hotels and set stiffer penalties for violators.


Landlord Sued Over Rent Deposits

A tenants’ rights group sues German landlord Guenter Kaussen for allegedly failing to return security deposits to dozens of former tenants of his San Francisco apartment buildings.


German Landlord Sued in S.F.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic filed suit to force landlord Guenter Kaussen to fix a broken elevator that has caused hazard and tragedy at the El Cerrito Apartments.


Owners Fighting For Right to Convert Hotel

Hotelier Adam Sparks contends the hotel conversion law violates his constitutional rights and fights to rent more rooms at the Pacific Bay Inn, previously a residential hotel, to tourists.


Plan to Cut Welfare Housing Costs Gets Trial Run

Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s Modified Payment Program as a win-win for everyone: welfare recipients paid cheaper rent for permanent housing, hotel operators were guaranteed higher occupancy rates and steady income, and San Francisco could reduce the cost of the emergency housing program.


Optimistic Report on Homelessness

SF Social Services looks for a solution for homelessness in a “modified payment plan,” in which the people pay $250 to $275 a month for a room rented for extended periods rather than a few days at a time. The Manager of Social Services highlights that long term housing and not temporary housing is the key to this goal.