Safe Street March Set for Tenderloin

THC Executive Director, Randy Shaw, is joined by Tenderloin residents and Mayor Feinstein in a public demonstration pleading for increased safety in the Tenderloin.


Owners Fighting For Right to Convert Hotel

Hotelier Adam Sparks contends the hotel conversion law violates his constitutional rights and fights to rent more rooms at the Pacific Bay Inn, previously a residential hotel, to tourists.


Plan to Cut Welfare Housing Costs Gets Trial Run

Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s Modified Payment Program as a win-win for everyone: welfare recipients paid cheaper rent for permanent housing, hotel operators were guaranteed higher occupancy rates and steady income, and San Francisco could reduce the cost of the emergency housing program.


Board Limits Rent Increases in SF to 1.6%

In 1992, San Francisco voters passed Proposition H which adjusted the maximum annual rent increase for rent-controlled apartments to 60% of the Consumer Price Index for the Bay Area.


The Case for Prop. G

Randy Shaw advocates for Proposition G in a 1994 letter to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.


S.F. Works to Alter Homelessness Cycle

This Chronicle article highlights THC’s 1998 efforts to encourage City sponsorship of a rental subsidy program that would allow GA recipients to remain housed while they transition to work.


Moratorium On Evictions Resurfaces

Landlords allege the city is in contempt by allowing a moratorium of evictions of seniors and those with disabilities to continue despite a Superior Court Judge’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional.


Fix Schools – Provide Housing

Randy Shaw advises California leadership to focus on increasing affordable housing as a strategy for limiting barriers to students’ academic success.


Red Alert on California’s Housing Crisis

California gains the unfortunate notoriety of having the highest nationwide housing wages, with San Francisco topping the list of how many hours a minimum wage employee would need to work to afford a two-bedroom apartment.