Inspectors Admit System Has Failed

In response to lack of housing code enforcement in apartments and low-income hotels the Code Enforcement Coalition (CEC) – has banded together in a campaign to oust the BBI’s Superintendent, Larry Litchfield, and reform the Bureau.


Inspecting the Inspectors

Prop G passes and creates a seven-member Building Inspection Commission authorized to investigate and act upon public complaints.




Willie Brown Strikes Out With Tenants

Mayor Brown vowed to break the legislative obstacles to stronger rent control, but after the election its clear this was not his intention.


After Proposition L: Rezone the Mission for Housing!

Randy Shaw of THC urges rezoning in The Mission, saying that the alternative is leaving the land to sit. He proposes a compromise of market rate housing that includes affordable units and businesses only at street level.




Metamorphosis At The Mission Hotel 

The Mission Hotel makes a turn for the better, with the help of Tenderloin Housing Clinic the hotel plans on continuing in this direction.