Nothing Radical About Hotel Law

Randy Shaw addresses the San Francisco Residential Hotel Ordinance and how if it’s deemed “confiscation” residential zoning would be all but abolished.




The Case for Prop. G

Randy Shaw advocates for Proposition G in a 1994 letter to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.


Letter to the Editor Re: Prop. G

In 1994, Randy Shaw writes to the San Francisco Examiner Editor to clarify THC’s support of Prop G not being the result of personal bias against building inspectors, but of outrage at the BBI’s failure to uphold livable housing conditions for low-income residents.


Stop Slumlord Welfare

Readers are urged to call Supervisors in opposition of Mayor Jordan’s “direct rent” program, which was essentially a resurgence of the “hot-line hotel” program.


Evicting Judges From The Rental Business

A governor’s race tackles the issue of the governor’s power to make judicial appointments that will shape housing policy and land use laws.


Willie Brown Strikes Out With Tenants

Mayor Brown vowed to break the legislative obstacles to stronger rent control, but after the election its clear this was not his intention.