1980 Budget

A glimpse at THC’s early operating costs.


Proposal for First Full-Time Attorney

THC’s early success in advocating for tenant rights led founder Randy Shaw to seek funding for a full-time attorney, to increase THC’s power to defend tenants. This proposal excerpt, submitted in 1981, began THC’s first expansion of organization staffing. 


Memo To Sequoia Hotel Residents

Tenderloin Housing Clinic offers legal representation to former tenants of the Sequoia hotel who are interested in moving back in once renovation is complete.


Residential Hotel Conversions

Randy Shaw advocates for tenants in an attack on speculative landlord Adam Sparks following Sparks’ claim that the Residential Hotel Conversion Ordinance violates his rights as a landlord.


Residential Hotels Ordinance Amendments

Randy Shaw clarifies San Francisco’s Residential Hotel Ordinance amendments to The Examiner, saying it will ensure that residential hotel units are not rented to tourists in violation of city law. This after The Examiner claimed that the amendments would encourage harassing litigation by tenant groups.