Homeless Renovate Old 6th Street Hotel

The Sunnyside Hotel and Jefferson Hotel renovation, organized by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, were the first of their kind, using the labor of formerly homeless recipients to renovate the building.


City Giving Landlords Easy Ride

Critics of the Bureau of Building Inspection continue to argue its enforcement process, or lack thereof, gives landlords too much time and too few penalties when cited for building improvements.




Museum Bond Held Hostage 

The de Young Museum is put in the crossfire of a landlord tenant battle. The costs for the museum are to be paid for with bonds from the city.. landlords threaten to fight the Museum and other bonds unless costs can be shifted onto tenants.


First court case tests S.F. tenant eviction law

SF courts get the first landlord challenge to a law requiring owners to get permission from the City’s Planning Commission prior to converting buildings to a new use.