Associate Director of Transitional Housing

About This Position:

The Associate Director of Transitional Housing is responsible for the overall effective operations of the transitional housing, stabilization, and rental subsidy programs and for assisting the Director of Transitional Housing in ensuring high quality client services and efficient procedures in the Transitional Housing Department in accordance with Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s (THC) Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy

Job Duties:

Leadership and Management
• Hire, train, direct, supervise, develop, evaluate, and performance manage the daily activities of staff in accordance with THC policies and directives.
• Conduct regularly scheduled meetings, supervisions, and trainings to motivate staff for success, promote team building, create professional and technical skill development, and establish and maintain effective working relationships.
• Ensure staff are aware of and correctly implement all safety rules and regulations, and all policies and procedures.
• Hold staff accountable for high levels of performance, team work, and quality customer service.
• Provide leadership, vision, and project direction that engender trust and respect.
• Participate in the leadership activities of the department’s management team and play a broad leadership role for the department
• Act as an advisor and/or decision-maker for team matters and client case questions, bearing in mind contract parameters, internal policy, and the agency’s core values and customer service philosophy.
• Supervise the activities of the Transitional Housing Program Manager as outlined in the position’s job description.

Administration and Operations
• Work with the department leadership to develop systems and procedures that improve the operations and services of the department, that foster program development, and that support the achievement of program objectives and outcomes.
• Partner and coordinate within the department, with other THC departments, and external funders and partners to meet objectives and ensure comprehensive services.
• Attend, participate in, and facilitate all meetings, as requested.
• Evaluate existing policies, procedures, and systemic controls of the Transitional Housing Department and THC as they relate to THC’s, transitional housing, stabilization, and rental subsidy programs and make recommendations for improvement to the Department Director.
• Assist with the tracking and reporting of information as required by program monitors, including but not limited to monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
• Prepare for and participate in audits by City, State, and Federal Agencies, and all contract monitors.
• Be accountable for and strictly monitor staff adherence to THC’s protocols for check
• Ensure programmatic compliance with THC policies and protocols, and funders contractual expectations.
• Work closely with the Director of Transitional Housing to continuously improve processes and develop tools that will enhance program effectiveness, and ensure program objectives are met.
• Provide coverage for gaps in managerial staffing in the Transitional Housing Department in order to provide support to staff and tenants/clients.
• Conduct internal audits of case files on a quarterly basis and/or as clients enter and exit the program to ensure compliance with program expectations.
• Manage caseloads as necessary to cover when there are gaps in staffing and ensure comprehensive support for clients.
• Oversee and participate in the management of the waitlists for the transitional, stabilization, and rental subsidy programs..
• Oversee and actively participate in communication with Deputy Probation Officers (DPO), Collaborative Courts staff, APD funded partnering agencies to maintain effective working relationships for client care.
• Oversee the operations of property managers at each scattered site to ensure adherence and compliance with all Block Rentals Agreements and Tenant Contracts in conjunction with the Director of Transitional Housing.
• Develop relationships with private and non-profit landlords/housing providers to find immediate and/or long-term placement for clients, address habitability concerns and ensure property standards are being met.
• Help to mediate disputes between building management and clients in an effort to increase clients’ housing stability, and hold building management accountable to good customer service standards with clients.
• Conduct regularly scheduled housing search workshops for Adult Probation Department (APD) and Collaborative Courts staff and clients. This includes widely advertising workshops to maximize attendance.
• Regularly update information regarding housing options, including but not limited to, emergency shelters, transitional housing, project-based affordable housing, housing subsidy programs, and permanent supportive housing at offices frequented by clients.
• Hold regular office hours at the CASC to meet with APD staff on a drop-in and appointment basis to explain housing resources available for clients on community supervision.
• Along with the Transitional Housing Program Manager, conduct workshops and presentations for clients and APD staff in order to increase awareness and understanding of the program, and prepare all materials for use in the workshops. Some workshops will take place within county jail.

Transitional Housing, Stabilization and Subsidy Programs
• Manage in conjunction with the Transitional Housing Program Manager the Stabilization Housing Programs waitlists, including receiving referrals for clients connected with the criminal justice and Collaborative Courts systems, and assisting with triaging and placing clients in vacancies at scattered sites.
• Conduct regular meetings for pre-approval, approval, modification, and recertification of clients for the subsidy program.
• Regularly review the status of stabilization and subsidy program clients
• Participate in regular meetings with the Director of Transitional Housing Programs and the Transitional Housing Program Manager for monitoring the referral process,
• Coordinate with the Transitional Housing Program Manager to fill vacancies while supporting the overarching goal of prompt and streamlined vacancy-filling.
• Participate in regular meetings with the Transitional Housing Program Manager and Housing Planning Specialist for pre-approval, approval, modification, and re-certification of clients for New Roads housing subsidy program participation.

Drake Property Management
• Provide Property Management services to inherited tenants including but not limited to: rent collection, tenant violations, leasing services, annual fire and earthquake drills.
• Supervise all desk clerk activities at the Drake Hotel
• Oversee janitorial services and coordinate with the facilities team to maintain maintenance, safety, and building standards.
• Ensure all gaps in staffing are filled and respond to building emergencies 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, implementing emergency plans whenever necessary.


• Demonstrates passion, commitment, and behavior that are consistent with THC’s Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy.
• Demonstrates leadership qualities such as maintaining vision, expectations, and energy for positive improvement and results.
• Desires and has the ability to empower direct reports to achieve the agency’s goals and carry out the Mission and Core Values of THC.
• Adapts well to change, and remains professional, respectful, and composed at all times.
• Must be mature, honest, dependable, and accountable.
• Establishes and maintains effective and appropriate relationships and boundaries, and communicates with clients, co-workers, and external parties in a manner that fosters respect and trust.
• Exercises good judgment in using and/or keeping information regarding clients, employees, and THC confidential.
• Works well independently, collaboratively, and as a team member.
• Follows instructions completely and asks for help and/or guidance from supervisors when needed.
• Has good time management skills and is punctual to work, THC meetings, and events.
• Refrains from actions that may result in conflict or may be determined as aggressive, threatening, or violent.
• Takes pride in work and performs all assigned duties diligently, efficiently, and effectively.

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