Housing Services Manager

About This Position:

The Housing Services Manager is responsible for the overall effective operations of the Modified Payment Program, and for ensuring high quality client services and efficient procedures in the Housing Services Department in accordance with Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s (THC) Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy. This position supervises the Housing Counselors and all Administrative staff of the Housing Services Department.

Job Duties:

Leadership and Management
• Hire, train, direct, supervise, develop, evaluate, and performance manage the daily activities of staff in accordance with THC policies and directives.
• Conduct regularly scheduled meetings, supervisions, and trainings to motivate staff for success, promote team building, create professional and technical skill development, and establish and maintain effective working relationships.
• Ensure staff are aware of and correctly implement all safety rules and regulations, and all policies and procedures.
• Hold staff accountable for high levels of performance, team work, and quality customer service.
• Provide leadership, vision, and project direction that engender trust and respect.
• Participate in the leadership activities of the department’s management team and play a broad leadership role for the department.

Administration and Operations
• Work with the department leadership to develop systems and procedures that improve the operations and services of the department, that foster program development, and that support the achievement of program objectives and outcomes.
• Partner and coordinate within the department and with other THC departments to meet objectives and ensure comprehensive services.
• Attend, participate in, and facilitate all meetings, as requested.
• Evaluate existing policies and systems with the Department Director, as they relate to THC’s Modified Payment Program and the Master Lease Program, and make recommendations for improvement.
• Work with the Department Director to develop, improve, and manage the operations and services of the Housing Services Department as they relate to THC’s Modified Payment Program and the Master Lease Program.
• Prepare for and participate in audits of the Modified Payment Program by City and Federal Agencies, and all other contract(s) monitors.
• Assist with the tracking and reporting of information as required by the Human Services Agency and other contract monitors, including but not limited to monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
• Respond to assigned grievances in a timely manner with an eye toward the agency’s goal of decreasing homelessness.
• Work collaboratively with the Rental Accounts Manager to assist in the oversight of the administration of all subsidy programs including CAAP, La Voz, Tenant Organizer, Shelter plus Care and others as assigned to ensure excellent client services and fiscal soundness.
• Be accountable for and strictly monitor staff adherence to THC’s protocols for check security.

Modified Payment Program
• Report and track all vacancies, monitor the referral process, and ensure the accuracy of the referrals database while supporting the overarching goal of prompt and streamlined vacancy-filling.
• Manage the waitlists for the step-up buildings, the Galvin Apartments, and the women’s floor.
• Oversee the Reasonable Accommodation (RA) request process and corresponding waitlist, and oversee the agency’s grievance submission process.
• Ensure the enforcement of all Payment Plans and Pay and Stay Stipulation Agreements between tenants and THC hotels, bearing in mind the agency’s primary goal of increasing housing retention. Ensure the department’s enforcement of all payment arrangements between clients and non-THC properties about which THC is aware.
• Oversee the delivery and return of CAAP benefits and SSI/SSA benefits to ensure policy compliance.
• Update the rental database in a timely manner with all pertinent notes, including eviction approvals and terms of Pay and Stay Stipulation Agreements, to ensure accuracy and support the agency’s primary goal of increasing housing retention.
• Supervise the staff’s work with other THC departments as well as THC’s Modified Payment Program agency partners, including completion and submission of paperwork for Modified Payment Program, to ensure accuracy and coordinated client services.
• Coordinate and manage Quick Check, Check Day, and the Rental Payment Period process along with the Rental Accounts Manager, in such a way that it is efficient, compliant with policy, and supportive to the clients.
• Maintain good working relationships with managers and landlords of non-THC operated buildings.
• Coordinate and participate in regularly scheduled meetings that occur between THC and non-THC hotel-based staff and the Housing Counselors to review clients’ rental accounts, in order to provide coordinated, excellent supportive services.
• Maintain confidentiality of tenant/client records and concerns.


• BA/BS degree in Social Work or related field required; MA/MS degree in Social Work or related field strongly preferred.
• Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in program management and administration.
• Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience training and supervising staff.
• Must have a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
• Must have an ability to produce and analyze reports, and write business correspondence.
• Must have ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, employees, clients, and the general public.
• Must have an ability to read, understand, apply language, and make independent decisions based on policies, governmental regulations, technical procedures, and contracts.
• Must have demonstrated analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
• Must have conflict resolution experience.
• Must have demonstrated customer service skills.
• Must be a proactive self-starter with the ability to take initiative, develop action steps/goals, and follow through on action steps to goal completion.
• Must be able to manage multiple projects with limited guidance in a fast-paced environment and meet strict deadlines with excellent attention to detail.
• Must have experience working effectively with diverse, low-income, homeless and/or formerly homeless population.
• Must have experience working within databases, and have excellent data entry skills.
• Must have knowledge of San Francisco landlord-tenant law and terms of tenancy.
• Must have experience working with clients with mental health and substance use issues.
• Must be able to perform basic math calculations with minimal mistakes.
• Must be able to understand rent pro-ration.
• Must have an understanding of a Harm Reduction model.
• Must read, communicate orally, and write in English.
• Must pass all post-contingency offer background checks, reference checks, and TB screening clearances.
• Experience working in non-profit or public sector strongly preferred.
• Knowledge of San Francisco resources strongly preferred.
• Bilingual skills preferred.

• Demonstrates passion, commitment, and behavior that are consistent with THC’s Mission, Core Values, and Customer Service Philosophy.
• Demonstrates leadership qualities such as maintaining vision, expectations, and energy for positive improvement and results.
• Desires and has the ability to empower direct reports to achieve the agency’s goals and carry out the Mission and Core Values of THC.
• Adapts well to change, and remains professional, respectful, and composed at all times.
• Must be mature, honest, dependable, and accountable.
• Establishes and maintains effective and appropriate relationships and boundaries, and communicates with clients, co-workers, and external parties in a manner that fosters respect and trust.
• Exercises good judgment in using and/or keeping information regarding clients, employees, and THC confidential.
• Works well independently, collaboratively, and as a team member.
• Follows instructions completely and asks for help and/or guidance from supervisors when needed.
• Has good time management skills and is punctual to work, THC meetings, and events.
• Refrains from actions that may result in conflict or may be determined as aggressive, threatening, or violent.
• Takes pride in work and performs all assigned duties diligently, efficiently, and effectively.

How to Apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to employment@thclinic.org.

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