Mission, Purpose, and Core Values


The mission of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) is to prevent tenant displacement, to preserve and expand San Francisco’s low cost housing stock, and to provide comprehensive legal assistance to low income tenants. THC is successful in fulfilling this mission by providing free legal services, securing SRO units through the Master Lease program, and offering comprehensive support services to our clients.


Tenderloin Housing Clinic operates on the Housing First model, which is based on the notion that a homeless person’s first and primary need is for a roof over their head. Other issues may affect an individual experiencing homelessness, but those issues are better addressed after the individual is housed.

THC preserves and improves low-income housing in the Tenderloin and surrounding communities by assisting tenants in asserting their legal rights, providing culturally competent supportive services, strengthening community, assisting tenants to either maintain or establish permanent housing, and creating employment and leadership opportunities for formerly homeless tenants.

Core Values

THC’s staff came together to develop and define the organization’s 10 Core Values. These values guide our work, inform how we interact with each other, and help us fulfill our mission.

THC’s Core Values:

  • Get and Keep People Housed
  • Make Tenants Feel at Home
  • Act Open-Mindedly
  • Be Part of the Solution
  • Listen Thoughtfully, Speak Respectfully
  • Strengthen Communities
  • Provide Excellent Service
  • Practice Self-Awareness
  • Welcome Everyone Warmly
  • Bring your Best!

Inclusion and Equity

THC recognizes the need for all people to be seen, heard, and treated in a way that celebrates their individuality. We will practice self-awareness, acting in a way that ensures staff and residents are respected, supported, and given the guidance needed for them to reach their full potential.

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