Board of Directors

Photo of Chris Tiedemann

Chris Tiedemann Board President

Chris was one of the founders of THC and currently serves as a land use attorney with the California Attorney General's office.

Photo of Randy Wilson

Randy Wilson

Randy has served on THC’s board for over ten years, and has been active in community affairs for many years. Randy volunteers at a social service organization in the Tenderloin.

Photo of Fernando Pujals

Fernando Pujals

Fernando joined the THC Board in 2017. He currently works towards improving the Tenderloin as the Director of Communications for the Tenderloin Community Benefit District

Photo of Jodie Medeiros

Jodie Medeiros

Jodie joined the THC board in 2020. She's been Walk SF's executive director since Fall 2017. She has been a passionate transportation advocate for over a decade.

Photo of Ken Brophy

Ken Brophy

Ken works as a marketing professional with LendUp. He has been on the THC board for 7 years and serves on the finance committee.

Photo of Gail Seagraves

Gail Seagraves

Gail joined the THC board in 2017 and currently serves as a tenant organizer of the Elk Hotel. She has participated in multiple city-wide campaigns to improve policies affecting low-income residents of San Francisco.

Photo of Otto Dufty

Otto Dufty

Otto is a long-time Tenderloin SRO resident who has been active in community affairs for many years.