Call For Artists: “Art Wraps for the Heart of the TL”

The purpose of this call for artists is to solicit applications from qualified artists to create artwork for the Tenderloin community beautification project titled “Art Wraps For The Heart Of The TL.” The project is being managed by Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s Community Organizing department, Central City SRO Collaborative, and is funded through the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. The objective of the project is to help create a visually vibrant neighborhood in a way that resonates with the Tenderloin community.

The project consists of two mini art projects in the Tenderloin District. One project is to paint art onto trash cans in the Tenderloin. The artists will paint directly only the surface of public trash cans. The trash cans are made of cement and have a pebble surface.

The other mini project is to create artwork which will be digitized and placed on SFMTA utility boxes. The images will be digitized and placed onto vinyl wraps by a vendor, not the artists.

We are seeking five individual artists to create four finished designs each for the 20 SFMTA utility boxes. For the trash can project we are seeking four separate artists to paint four cans each. Artists are open to submit applications for both mini projects. If selected, participation will be limited to either the trash can or SFTMA utility box project.

Proposal Deadline: September 19, 2016 5:00 pm


Eligibility is open to professional, practicing individual artists residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Artists must demonstrate a familiarity with the Tenderloin’s culture and history. Preference will be given to qualified artists that reside in the Tenderloin/South of Market neighborhoods.


The trash cans and SFMTA utility boxes included in the project are within the following Tenderloin boundaries- East-West from Taylor Street to Larkin Street and South-North between Golden Gate Avenue and O’Farrell Streets in the Tenderloin.

How to Submit an Application – Deadline

The deadline to submit for the proposed art project is Monday, September 19th at 5:00 pm. Please refer to submission instructions included in the package. Please refer to submission instructions and themes provided.

Please submit an application one of the following ways:

  1. In person: At the front desk of Central City SRO Collaborative, 48 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attention: Baljeet Heyer (415)775-7110. Monday through Friday 10am- 4pm. Please obtain a receipt.
  2. By mail: Must be received by September 19th, 5pm. Please mail to: Tenderloin Housing Clinic, 126 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attention: Baljeet Heyer (415)775-7110
  3. By email: Please email Baljeet Heyer at

Please call Baljeet Heyer at (415)775-7110 ext.111 for confirmation.

Project Themes

Themes for the project were selected by engaging with the Tenderloin community. Meetings and outreach were conducted to select themes that resonated with the community.

Please create a conceptual piece based on one of the subcategories from the following two project themes used for both the mini projects. Final pieces will be presented to and must receive approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission. The project manager will be presenting the project to the Arts Commission.

1) Diverse Tenderloin:

  • Multi-generational- children, single adults, seniors and or families.
  • Migration Diverse lifestyle, orientations, thoughts.
  • Mom and pop shops

2) Tenderloin History

  • Movements- LGTBQ, tenants’ rights
  • Art scene-Rock/punk and jazz music
  • Theater district
  • Migration to the Tenderloin
  • Architecture-SRO Hotels, apartment buildings

To Apply


Please include the following with your application:


Resume of past relevant work, not to exceed one page. Please include relevant project experience, including public murals/paintings. Please include current contact information.

Two Professional References

Please include the contact information of two professional references.

Three Images of Previous Work with Accompanying Description

Please submit photos/copies of previous relevant work (paintings, drawings, murals).

Conceptual Drawing

Please include one conceptual drawing based on the provided project themes. The image must be no smaller than 4 x 6 inches in size. Image must be filled in with color.

Proposed Project Schedule/Timeline

Call for artists issued: September 29, 2016

Deadline to submit resume, samples of previous and conceptual drawing: September 19, 2016 5pm

Committee will review submissions and will notify selected artists: September 24, 2016

Deadline for selected artists to submit four pieces for committee review: October 15th, 2016

Four complete pieces of artwork created for submission and approval by San Francisco Arts Commission.: October 31, 2016 (Project manager will present project and pieces to the San Francisco Arts Commission).

Project painting/installation: Early 2017

Timeline and dates subject to change.

SFMTA Utility Boxes

Selected artists must create complete pieces of artwork for each SFMTA utility boxes (refer to image below). Each artist create artwork for 4 separate SFMTA utility boxes. The final art pieces will be digitized and placed on vinyl wraps by a vendor. Templates will be provided to selected artists that are to be used in the creation of the final images. Materials will not be provided beyond templates.

Remuneration: Selected artists will receive stipend for the project after the four pieces of artwork are successfully digitized by the vinyl wraps vendor. Selected artists will be compensated $750 per utility box. Estimated- Early 2017, subject to change

Trash Cans

Selected artists must create artwork for 4 public trash cans in the Tenderloin. The artist will paint directly onto the pebble surface concrete trash cans. Refer to image below. The current cans will be swapped out with new trash cans, in the style pictured below. The artists will be required to treat the trash cans with a specified (provided) anti-graffiti coating. The cans will be painted on the sidewalk/street at their current locations.

Due to time constraints, we ask artists to create pieces that are not highly detailed.

Remuneration: Selected artists will receive payment for the project after the trash cans are painted after receiving approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission. Artists are required to paint all four trash cans and will receive a stipend of $600.00 per trash can. Materials and meals will be provided for the trash can painting days. Estimated- Early 2017, subject to change

Art Wraps for the TL Submission Packet Checklist

Deadline to submit- Applications must be received by September 19, 2016 @ 5pm.

  1. Specified if participating in trash can, SFMTA utility cabinet project or both.
  2. One page resume with contact information.
  3. Two professional references
  4. Three copies of previous relevant artwork.
  5. One conceptual drawing/artwork based on provided themes.
  6. Please call Baljeet Heyer (415)775-7110 ext.11 to inform of submission of application. Please leave a voicemail if she is unavailable with your contact information.