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  Housing Services  

In 2007, THC started a Family Housing Program that provides short-term rent subsidies and support services to assist families with finding and obtaining more adequate housing. Eligible families include families living in SRO units in San Francisco and families at risk for eviction due to living in overcrowded circumstances in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.

Who is eligible? Families!

  • A family is defined as at least one adult who is 18 years or older and one child younger than 18 living in the same household. Eligible families include families currently residing in SRO hotel units in the City of San Francisco and families living in severely overcrowded conditions in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.
  • After being referred to the program, each family must apply in-person for the program to determine if they meet additional requirements. These requirements include creating a mandatory financial plan to increase the family's income at the point of intake to demonstrate the capacity to transition off the subsidy, verification of income and tenancy, and ensuring that the rent burden (including the subsidy) will not exceed 50% of the family's gross income.


After acceptance into the program, a family is assigned to a Family Case Manager. THC Family Case Managers are fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese, and the family will be assigned based on language needs. THC Family Case Management services are mandatory, and each family meets on a bimonthly or monthly basis with their Family Case Manager.

Services Include:

  • Assistance with the housing search, including repairing credit ratings, unit inspection, obtaining funds for the security deposit, and emergency rental funds, if needed.
  • Referrals to employment assistance and job-training programs, childcare assistance, education, legal assistance, referrals for assistance with substance abuse and mental health services, and any other services that the family identifies in order to assist them in transition off the subsidy.
  • Community events and social gatherings.
  • Goal-oriented 1:1 case management services with THC staff.


The Family Housing Program subsidy is a short-term subsidy of up to $500.00 per month for one year with extensions up to a maximum of two years. After the subsidy ends, the family pays the full portion of the rent.

After placement into the program, families conduct a housing search with the assistance of their Family Case Manager. All units are on the private market or are below-market rate units, and each unit is inspected by THC staff prior to move-in to ensure HUD standards and occupancy standards. Almost all families choose to reside in San Francisco, but the subsidy can be administered to units in the East Bay, Marin, or the Peninsula if a family chooses.

When a unit is secured, the family brings their portion of the rent each month to the THC Housing Department at 472 Turk Street where it is combined with the subsidy into one check and given to the landlord. Client rents are tracked each month in a database with THC

The family's portion of the rent must be at least 30% of their income but no more than 50% of their income. The subsidy may be reduced if a family's income goes up permanently, and it may be raised if a family is receiving less than the full subsidy and their income goes down.

How to apply:

The Family Housing Program is located at 398 Eddy Street (cross street is Leavenworth Street). Families may be referred by an agency or may self refer.

(415) 345-9290 x102

For Landlords:

If you are a landlord and wish to work with the Family Housing Program, please contact the Family Housing Program Manager at (415) 336-7713. THC does not enter into a lease with any landlord; the responsibility of the lease is always with the family.

Landlords that have worked with the Family Housing Program in the first year include:

  • Mosser Companies
  • Centerstone Realty
  • Makras Realty
  • Levy and Company
  • MAG Management
  • John J. Dito and Sons
  • Hogan and Vest
  • Victory Realty
  • RMD Services
  • West Coast Property Management
  • Post Street Apartments

A number of private single-owner landlords in San Francisco also work with the Family Housing Program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: I am not residing in an SRO or in overcrowded conditions in the Tenderloin. What should I do if I am part of a family who is homeless or transitionally housed? Hamilton Family Center and Compass Community Services both have rental subsidy programs that assist families who are homeless, in a shelter, or at risk for eviction.

ANSWER: Contact First Avenues with Hamilton Family center at (415) 292-9930, extension 328.

Contact SF Home with Compass Community Services at (415) 644-0507.

QUESTION: Can I use the subsidy to live in a shared living situation?

ANSWER: No. The subsidy can only be used to rent an individual unit for the family.

QUESTION: I make more than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Am I eligible for the program?

ANSWER: No. Only families who make 30% (extremely low-income) or 50% (very low-income) of the area AMI are eligible to apply.

QUESTION: I do not currently have custody of my child. Am I eligible to apply?

ANSWER: Yes, as long as there is a documented reunification plan to gain custody of the child when the subsidy starts.

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