Executive Leadership Team

Photo of Randy Shaw

Randy Shaw Executive Director

Randy co-founded Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 1980 and has been its Executive Director since 1982. Over the past three decades, Mr. Shaw has written landmark laws and ballot initiatives improving living conditions for tenants, reducing rent increases, and preserving the city’s supply of single-room occupancy hotels (SRO’s). Randy is a longtime social change activist who is also the author of five widely praised books on activism including The Activist's Handbook: Winning Social Change in the 21st Century and The Tenderloin: Sex, Crime and Resistance in the Heart of San Francisco. Randy also serves as the editor of the online daily news source Beyond Chron.

Photo of Tabitha Allen

Tabitha Allen Deputy Director

Tabitha joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 2009 as a Support Services Manager, and later assumed management roles in both the Property Management and Support Services Departments. Tabitha currently serves as the agency’s Deputy Director. In addition, Tabitha serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Mentors Network. She has over 15 years of experience working with organizations that provide support to the homeless population and people recently released from incarceration. Tabitha began her career providing Case Management services at the East Oakland Community Project. After six years, she moved on to Centerforce, where she provided case management services to persons transitioning from incarceration. She graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Photo of Issarah Cabrera

Issarah Cabrera Director of Facilities

Issarah joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s Property Management Department in May 2012 as a Supportive Housing Manager of the Pierre Hotel, and later the Vincent Hotel. Tenderloin Housing Clinic promoted her to Associate Director of Property Management in May 2014, thereby assuming supervision of a portfolio of six buildings. After her success in Property Management, Issarah moved on to the role of Director of Facilities Management in 2016. In this role, Issarah oversees the facilities management in all Tenderloin Housing Clinic residential buildings, office buildings, and drop-in clinics. She brings 5 years of Project Management experience in the private sector to her work at Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Photo of Colleen Carrigan

Colleen Carrigan Director of Programs

Colleen joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 2005 as a Case Manager at the Mission Hotel. In 2006, the agency promoted Colleen to Support Services Manager, and in 2007 she joined the Property Management Department’s senior management team. In 2009, Tenderloin Housing Clinic promoted Colleen to the Director of Property Management. Colleen led the Department of Property Management until 2016, at which time she became the agency’s Director of Programs. In this role, she oversees all of Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s programmatic departments, including the Departments of Support Services, Transitional Housing, Property Management, and Housing Services, as well as the Central City SRO Collaborative. Prior to working at Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Colleen worked with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and the Eviction Defense Collaborative. Both agencies instilled in her a passion for affordable legal services and housing justice.

Photo of Mili Choudhury

Mili Choudhury, MSW Director of Housing Services

Mili first joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in November 2006 as a Housing Counselor, and has held several positions within the agency’s Department of Housing Services, including Rental Accounts Associate, Lead Housing Counselor, and Housing Services Manager. In 2013 she was promoted to Director of Housing Services. Mili oversees the Housing Services Department’s Modified Payment Program and Representative Payee Program, and utilizes her strong clinical skills and institutional knowledge to work with clients and promote positive change within the agency. Mili has over 10 years of experience in Social Services, and developed her passion for serving the homeless and formerly homeless population at Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Photo of Ricki DeArmon

Ricki DeArmon, MPA Director of Transitional Housing Programs

Ricki joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 2013 as the Associate Director of Housing Services. During her time in that role, Ricki strengthened many internal processes and played a central leadership role in the Housing Services Department. In 2015, Tenderloin Housing Clinic promoted Ricki to the position of Director of Transitional Housing. In this role, Ricki oversees the New Horizons, New Roads, and APD Emergency Stabilization Housing programs. Ricki brings to Tenderloin Housing Clinic 15 years of experience providing housing-related services to low-income and disabled populations. Before coming to Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 2013, Ricki held leadership positions at Chestnut Health Systems in Illinois.

Photo of Ellen Hurtado

Ellen Hurtado Director of Support Services

Ellen joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in October 2015 as the Director of Supportive Services. In this role, she oversees the delivery of support services to all of Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s tenants. Ellen brings over 10 years of experience working with people who are homeless in Seattle and Oakland. She served as Director of Housing at Pioneer Human Services in Seattle, and managed programs that served people who are homeless in the East Bay with Abode Serves. Ellen graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science and American Ethnic Studies.

Photo of Tara O'Neill

Tara O'Neill, Esq. Director of Business Operations

Tara joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in January 2010 as the Director of Housing Services. During the years that Tara led the Department of Housing Services, she ushered in extensive departmental expansion and programmatic advancement. Tenderloin Housing Clinic promoted her into the position of Director of Business Operations in 2013. In this role, Tara leads the agency’s risk management procedures, and works to improve the agency’s infrastructure and operations that support effective service delivery and Mission fulfillment. Tara brings to Tenderloin Housing Clinic years of providing direct services to homeless adults, both as a case manager and as a licensed attorney in California. Additionally, she has worked on local and California state-wide policy initiatives surrounding homelessness and affordable housing. Tara holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Brandeis University.

Photo of Jaime Quijano

Jaime Quijano Director of Human Resources

Jaime first started at Tenderloin Housing Clinic in 2003 as a Desk Clerk. Through his time at Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Jaime has served as a Supportive Housing Manager and Associate Director of Property Management. In 2012, he transitioned to working in the Human Resources Department, and was promoted to the Director of Human Resources in 2015. With his vast experience and knowledge of the organization, Jaime helps ensure the organization’s employees have the training and support they need in the workplace.

Photo of Wynne Tang

Wynne Tang, CPA Director of Finance

Wynne joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in September 2006. She has management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions, and oversees all revenues and costs of the agency. With 11 years of finance experience in the private sector, Wynne brings strong financial management and accountability to her role, and provides timely, accurate, and reliable financial information while enhancing internal controls. Wynne is a graduate of the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Photo of David Virgo

David Virgo, B.S.E.E. Director of Information Technology

David joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in July 2010. David oversees all computer operations, network operations, and software development for Tenderloin Housing Clinic. David brings to Tenderloin Housing Clinic years of providing service to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Through data management, analysis, and utilization, David streamlines operations and institutes best practices to improve client care. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering.

Photo of Damon Williams

Damon Williams Director of Property Management

Damon first joined Tenderloin Housing Clinic in January 2012 as an Associate Director of Property Management. In 2016, he was promoted to Director of Property Management. Damon brings to Tenderloin Housing Clinic over 15 years of experience working with International and Community Based Organizations. He has worked on a variety of charitable initiatives and is focused on working with disenfranchised populations and issues of equality and equity. Prior to joining Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Damon worked in Washington, D.C. helping local residents with various housing needs and advocating for tenants’ rights. While working with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Damon co-authored a HIV Prevention manual that has been used to develop a curriculum for medical students at multiple medical schools. Damon also served on the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, and led an advisory group to improve services for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. Damon currently attends the University of San Francisco, where he is researching his doctoral dissertation that will study ethics and nonprofit organizations.